SafariSingleWindow is a SIMBL/PlugSuit plugin for Safari that forces all links that would open in new windows to open in new tabs instead.

No configuration is necessary, just open the .dmg file, run Install, and restart Safari. To uninstall, simply run Uninstall from the .dmg.

If you experience any problems, check Console for lines starting with [SafariSingleWindow]. If you see any, copy them and email them to me, and I'll see what I can do to fix it.


SafariSingleWindow.dmg (77 KB)

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this any better than running defaults write TargetedClicksCreateTabs -bool true with Safari 3.1?

That setting is experimental, and only applies to anchor tags that have a target attribute. It won't work for new windows made via JavaScript and it may actually cause issues with certain sites. SafariSingleWindow intercepts all requests to create new windows - even ones from JavaScript.

Won't this plugin break when Apple finishes fleshing out that above setting?

No. SafariSingleWindow works on a different level than Safari's setting. If Apple ever chooses to make it configurable through a dialog, the setting would simply have no effect if you have SafariSingleWindow installed.

The plugin also uses very little of Safari's API, and it checks for the presence of those APIs before loading. The majority of the plugin uses public WebKit APIs (the open source browser engine that Safari uses).

Why have my window resizing bookmarklets stopped working?

SafariSingleWindow disables windows resizing from scripts to prevent pop-ups from clobbering your current window's dimensions. This is intentional, and if you want to bypass the plugin temporarily to run your bookmarklets, use the newly added "Single Window Mode" menu item in the "Safari" menu.


Download the official development repository using Git:

git clone git://

Run make to compile the plugin, and make install to install it into your home directory's SIMBL plugins folder. Run make and make builddmg to create a disk image of the application.

Visit GitHub if you'd like to fork the project, watch for new changes, or report issues.


Contact information can be found on my site,

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