BounceTerm is a SIMBL plugin for Mac OS X's that makes the dock icon bounce when a bell or beep is triggered. This can be useful if you have a long-running process going on and you want to be notified when it's done (assuming it beeps, of course).

No configuration is necessary, just open the .dmg file, run Install, and restart To uninstall, simply run Uninstall from the .dmg.

If you want to make sure the plugin's working, try running while [ 1 ]; do echo -n '\a'; sleep 2; done in your shell and focusing a window in another application. You should see's dock icon bounce every two seconds.


BounceTerm.dmg (64 KB)

Frequently Asked Questions

Won't this plugin break if Apple releases an update to

No. The plugin uses no APIs from, it merely adds an observer for's beep notification (through standard APIs). The worst that could happen is that the notification name changes or goes away, in which case the plugin would simply do nothing.

But most programs I use don't beep. How do I make them beep after exiting?

You just need to run echo -n '\a' after the program. You can simplify the process by adding a function in your shell's rc file (like ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc):

beep() { "echo -n '\a'" }

Now if you'd like to have the dock icon bounce after a command finishes, run:

some command; beep

If you want the dock icon to bounce only when there's an error, try:

some command || beep


Download the official development repository using Git:

git clone git://

Run make to compile the plugin, and make install to install it into your home directory's SIMBL plugins folder. Run make and make builddmg to create a disk image of the application.

Visit GitHub if you'd like to fork the project, watch for new changes, or report issues.


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